Struzik Transport offers a wide range of transport services. We adjust your cargo to the optimal mean of transport in order to optimize the costs and also properly secure it, which guarantee the safety of all entrusted to us goods and delivery with collection on time. Regardless of the distance, we do everything so the goods will arrive in unison with the order.

With our modern fleet of vehicles, GPS facilities and experienced team we are able to provide you a full supervision over the consignment throughout the duration of the transport.

We specialize in distribution of consignments of high risk goods and guarantee a safety of the transport. Additional advantage is the high value of the OCP policy in international traffic for the amount of 300.000 EUR and in domestic traffic for the amount of 50.000 EUR which moreover cover the robbery, carriage of electronics, AGD and alcohol.

Our goal is to provide our customers timely and safely transports on international routes and a continuous increase in mutual satisfaction of the cooperation.

Combining the experience and high commitment, our employees make every effort so the final result of the transport services that we provide, completely meet our customers needs.
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